Office IT Relocation

Moving to a new office in Sydney? Get up and running again with fast, efficient IT relocation support from Net Platforms.

Moving into a new business premises is stressful enough without throwing the added complications of rebuilding your computer network from scratch. After all, planning, removals and settling into your new office causes enough time as it is without adding further disruptions just because your technology isn’t properly installed.

When you’re relocating offices in Sydney however, this needn’t be a concern. Thanks to the swift, smooth IT support services provided by Net Platforms, you and your staff will be back up and running in no time.

Starting a Business?

Net Platforms can help your new company enjoy better value for money by working with you to source both hardware and software, before carrying out setup, installation and ongoing maintenance at prices well within your budget.

Moving Premises?

Relaunching your IT system in a new office location doesn’t need to be hard work. Your highly skilled computer technicians can help with safely and securely disconnecting, transporting and reconnecting your network, all with minimum disruption to your business.

Need it to be business as usual right from the very first day in your new office? Not a problem. We’re happy to carry out IT relocation work across Sydney at evenings and weekends, meaning zero down time for your staff.