Computer networking solutions in Sydney from Net Platforms.

Passionate about helping Sydney’s businesses to make the most of modern technology, we provide comprehensive computer networking solutions which give your business the tools you need to work better, faster and more profitably.

From network creation for new businesses to full optimisation of your existing system, we aim to set up networks which maximise your productivity whilst minimizing downtime by carrying out our work of evening or even at the weekend.

We specialise in

Local Area Network

Creating a robust, reliable infrastructure for a single office premises.

Wide Area Network

Connecting multiple offices across Sydney on one secure computer network.

Virtual Private Network

Providing greater flexibility for your business through remote access.

Wireless Network

Ideal for guests, visitors and anyone needing wireless access to your network.

Ongoing network maintenance and support

Our commitment to your business doesn’t just end with setting up a network. With regular maintenance, we’ll be there to ensure that it always delivers optimum performance so that your business can do the same.

And when you’ve used your new network to grow your business, we’ll even be there to proivide the additional IT resources you need to meet the demands of your ever-increasing customer base.