Cabling Companies Sydney

Telephone and data cabling services in Sydney from your local IT specialists.

The unsung hero of your businesses IT network or telephone system, you barely notice your office cabling until it starts to under perform.

At that point, you really start to notice the detrimental impact that damaged or insufficient cabling can have on your operations, though there’s no need to panic. At Net Platforms, we specialise in telephone and data cabling services that help your business to perform at its best.

Whether you need full design and implementation of a new IT or phone network, or simply need updates and repairs to your existing cables, we’re here to help.

To ensure you get exactly what you need, including data, voice and fibre cables, data cabinet enclosures, patch panels and more, we’ll carry out a free on-site survey, and even provide you with a no-obligation quote to help you make an informed decision about your cabling requirements.

All work is carried out and tested by highly skilled engineers, and comes with a guaranteed warranty for your peace of mind.