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Data backup and protection solutions from Net Platforms.

Beyond the products you sell, the services you provide, and even the staff you employ, your business’ most valuable asset is the data you store.

“70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months” – Source: DTI

Though you may take it for granted on a day to day basis, it only takes one incident of lost data for your business to suffer serious harm. Unhappy customers, lost profits and possibly even legal issues are all in store for businesses who fail to adequately protect their data.

If you’re concerned about how your company manages and protects the data you store, speak to Net Platforms today to see how we can help with cost-effective backup solutions that keep everything safe in a secure off-site location.

How it works?


Features & Benefits

Automated service

There’s no need to set a reminder that its time to backup. Simply create a data backup schedule with Net Platforms and the whole process runs automatically.

High level security

Using tried and trusted encryption and authentication tools, your data is well protected at all times in a secure Sydney-based data centre.

Offsite storage

We keep your data safe from fire, theft and other physical threats by storing everything in two separate data centres, both housed within IBM Business Continuity buildings.

Fast, efficient backup

Offering greater speeds than traditional backup systems, we use only the latest in progressive, incremental technology, meaning smoother service in record time.

Restore in seconds

Restoring your data couldn’t be easier. Should the worst happen, simply click a button and get everything back to where it was in seconds.

Value for money

Unlike other Sydney IT services, Net Platform’s don’t charge a set-up fee for your data protection services. What’s more, our plans start from only $20 per month.

* Price shown excludes VAT.